We’ve given Sundowner Cottage a new name and a new web site. The cottage itself is still the same as it ever was; still owned and managed by us, Jo & Peter Cunningham. Why the change of name? Well, the name Sundowner had some associations that we weren’t aware of when we originally picked it. We named it after Jo’s Dad’s boat which in turn is named after an Australian word for someone who disappears all day only to return at sundown, which seemed to fit the holiday maker lifestyle. Since then, we’ve found out that the word sundowner is also used to refer to retirement homes and, given that Sidmouth is a popular place to retire to, we thought that could cause some confusion.

So it’s going to be Chandler’s Cottage from now on and this new web site should be easier for us to keep up to date so you can find current availability, prices and lots of information on the cottage and the local area (whether you’re using a PC, tablet or smart phone).


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